November 21, 2011

The Couple Who Works Together...

Lee and Kevin Kleinhelter of Atlanta work in similar lines. They've recently created a combined office space that is drop. dead. gorgeous.

The two work spaces are mirror images of each other with similar design elements. Both are wallpapered and feature a pair of lamps on a console with a mirror. Then they have identical desks, pendants, desk lamps and chairs. Love the concept.

The common area is home-like in layout and furnishings. The pieces are so ... Pieces! That driftwood on the wall is fantastic.

Even if Matt and I ever could share an office, neither of us are neat enough to achieve this level of chic.

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  1. wow they really have their sh*t together!

  2. yeh they do! a little inspiration for the s&j HQ makeover ;)


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