December 13, 2011

Book Bin Christmas

This morning I went out to try to wrap up Christmas shopping - and I think I got a book for everyone on my list. There are just so many great ones - I want to keep them for myself but since it is the season of giving, I'm going to hurry and wrap them up and tuck them under the tree before they accidentally find their way to my bookshelves!

All the books got me thinking... for anyone on your Christmas list, a stewart & james book bin is the way to go. Fill it with books to suit the recipient and you're set!

For nieces of all ages:
Book Bin for Nieces

For sisters who way out-do you in the kitchen:

cookbooks for sister

For me ;) :

bookshelf wish list

We've still got a few in stock, so email us at to order in time for Christmas!


  1. I also got all of the children on my list books. I love books! They engage the mind AND don't take up a lot of space! : ) Especially if you have an S&J book bin! ; ) For anyone who is interested in children's literature, I have pasted 3 links below to great lists of classic children's books, many of them are the Caldecott award winners. These lists come from the 5 in a Row books, but if you just want to know the names of some great and engaging children's lit, click on the links below.

  2. LOVE this post arre! and thank you Shanna - our bookshelves could definitely use an overhaul!


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