December 12, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Do you remember our Thanksgiving last year?  Well here’s a link – Arre & Matt are the ultimate hosts and we were honored to be a part of their Thanksgiving festivities once again this year.  Arre did a fabulous job with the decor as usual and It did not hurt that the weather was absolutely beautiful for dining outdoors.
Matt & Arre’s house is perfect for playing hide-and-seek
If you clicked on the link from last year you may notice Molly has on the same dress – this was on purpose – she is a creature of habit.  a cute creature
arre has another niece other than the ones i birthed for her (to be an aunt of) and elsa is one lucky girl to join arre’s niece crew (although she has been part of it for over a year now ;))
a pinestraw braid by abby
the next photo was from our Christmas card attempt that we tackled while at their beautiful home.  More on this later (once my cards go out) but it was pretty funny

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as we did!


  1. Adorable! We dined al fresco for Thanksgiving too! Gotta love that about the south!

  2. Thanks Kristina! That is so true :)

  3. LOVE having all of those sweet girls at our house <3

  4. Oh - and thanks for all the pictures, Kristen!

  5. I want to be in yalls family! Maybe Ernie can marry one of the Fuller girls one day.

  6. :) bring it, mandy! and in the meantime, we totally accept non-family members at all holiday gatherings. hope to see you soon! xx


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