December 9, 2011

mills in november

I didn’t intend to write a post on mills but changed the title once it ended up being about…mills :)  so here’s a little happy mills post for the holidays.

Early November Mills came to work with me – while I can’t get enough of her sweet chubby cheeks most of the time, working with her is a bit of a challenge. 


This is how she spent the day.   It’s kind of tricky to work with 30 pounds attached to your leg


The most important news of the month: Did you know that for the first time in 6.5 years I do not have a diaper to change?  Well it’s true and it has been liberating and sad all at the same time.  I have lots of pictures of Mills in panties to prove it but I have a feeling she’d rather me not post those (one day).  So I will just post this picture of her with her sisters all grown up


She asks 10 questions every minute, loves babies, loves her sisters, has her daddy’s personality (outgoing and happy), doesn’t understand that she’s only 2, she still laughs when I change her clothes, loves to sleep in her crib (wondering if she’ll ever want out), has us all wrapped around her finger, walks with her hands on her hips (and shakes them – the hips) because she knows it makes us laugh and she keeps us all smiling every day. 

Hope your day is as happy Mills’ :)


  1. Ernie is at the computer with me and now has a pretty big crush on the Fuller girls. :)

  2. ha! thanks Mandy - we all have a pretty big crush on sweet ernie :) miss you!


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