September 10, 2010

cheers {to the (still) summer weekend}

Now I know a recipe like this would have been better for say... the Fourth of July weekend but... I was busy that weekend and well, I wasn't keeping up with this series at that time.

Anyway, this sounds too good to pass up just becuase I wasn't paying attention.

So, here it is

watermelon slush (because Summer. Isn't. Over. Two more weeks, people.)


  • Four cups of pureed watermelon

  • Halfcup of simple syrup

  • Half cup of St. Germain (remember this?! Meg loves it too)


  • Combine watermelon, simple syrup and st. germain.

  • Freeze in a baking pan.

  • Scoop and serve!


recipe from shape magazine

image source

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