September 7, 2010

It's a Small (art) World

Remember last year when Steve Penley was here (in Albany)? That was cool. So cool.
Well, the other day on facebook (yes, facebook), I saw a picture of him and dove in the rabbit hole followed the attached link. Low and behold, I was led to my neighbor's sister-in-law's blog - she photographed him (and has some amazing pieces of his in her home (see below))!

 He's on her blog and she's on his

Then while I'm strolling through the rest of Shelli's blog, which you should do, by the way - she is great! - I stumble upon a gorgeous home - the link says it belongs to a shop owner and I think I recoconize some art. I shoot a quick email over to the shop, Gramercy Home. The featured owner responds and is from the area (this area)!


(And I was right about the artist. And they introduced me to another great one - score!)

So - do you have this? - I started on facebook, linked to Penley's site, realized he has a blog, connected to Shelli's blog, discovered Gramercy, (cyber-)met Jenny and learned about new artists - oh yeh, and found another new blog - whew!

I just l♥ve when the great big internet makes the world that much smaller.

photo credit: Shelli Allen Photography, Penley's blog and Gramercy's blog


  1. Ditto.

    And hate I missed knowing Steve Penley was in Albany. It would have been great to see his work.

  2. Good job with the post. Thank you for the brilliant share.


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