September 7, 2010

cookbook suggestion

Hi!  We are still here..just back in the routine of things (dragging listless kids out of bed, making lunches (endless lunches), living in the car (poor whining teething screaming almost 18 month old)).  But one thing that has made our routine so much easier is this cookbook…


Created by former Cookie editor and writer of this amazing blog: Dinner: A Love Story, this book feels like it was written FOR ME.  A section on what to do with your toddler that has a separate meal from the rest of the family (it keeps us from throwing scraps on the floor for mills to pick up), to throwing together whatever you have in your pantry, to making things “look” better for kids.  Because as we all know, it’s not what is served on the plate necessarily, it’s HOW it is served and presented and oh so carefully approached with a beg of “please take one bite”.  

It’s not just for people with kids, it’s for those of us with not much time on our hands (doesn’t that include all of us?), but who want to make a yummy, wholesome dinner.  It keeps my panic of “what the f are we going to have for dinner tonight” to more of a calming “let me open my new dinner time bible to see what we will have for dinner tonight”.  the children are appreciating the latter phrase :)

I LOVE it!  You won’t be sorry!

happy eating

1 comment:

  1. you are too hilarious. this book does sound like a dream, though. even for us childless folk.


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