September 21, 2010

Are you there?!

In our quest to entertain, sometimes enlighten, and mostly bring you up to speed on our latest stewart & james endeavors…we somehow are losing followers. ouch.  i know I’m to blame for some of it – I have been completely MIA as far as this blog is concerned lately (or now that i think of it, that really should help with you readers that don’t consider poop talk appropriate dinner or car ride (laura leigh) conversations).  So whether this will bring you back in or make you run for the hills (I’m hoping for the first) I don’t know..but here’s what’s been going on with me, us, kids, etc.

I mentioned before that i was able to fly across country for a little bachelorette jaunt with a dear friend (susan)  Well, this weekend was the finale of those events…her wedding that was held at Rosemary Beach along my favorite – Florida’s 30A!  It was FABULOUS and i want to kick myself each time I think of how I wished I had more pictures…but instead I’m stealing from facebook friends :) 

Susan was the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen and as Louise so aptly put “i want to box that up and collect her, she looks just like a barbie doll”  And she did.  She was also serenaded by her Ken (aka Wil) on stage, too sweet! …enjoy these stolen cell phone pictures (all photos by louise) :)
57971_10150270814315602_638850601_14804969_349781_n  61252_10150270819840602_638850601_14805053_3176744_n 60993_10150270814990602_638850601_14804977_4326732_n

on a much more back-to-reality-note: any idea how these two kids are genetically related?  it doesn’t make sense…we are yet to see which path #3 is taking

57911_1506163425306_1570908311_31258327_2288258_n  59026_1506163185300_1570908311_31258324_3548229_n

molly is rarely fully dressed – many times has one sock on or one braid in, prefers tattoos and a necklace as her only attire and thinks this is the only appropriate thing to do for the camera – who wouldn’t want to see her tongue?

mj never leaves the house without a full ensemble – cardigan, sparkly flip flops, rainbow dress, head band, and last but certainly not least: a positive attitude that will knock your socks off.

And lastly – more to come on this but here’s a little sneak peek
Have a lovely week!


  1. great post! susan looks so beautiful!!

  2. still here:) always checking in. love y'all and your blog!


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